SSTC Lower 6 play


Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 March 
Sackville Theatre    7.30pm
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The Sevenoaks School Theatre Company (SSTC) present a contemporary transformation of Shakespeare's bloody tragedy of murder and supernatural power. This exciting production, performed by Lower Sixth students, offers a bold, refreshing interpretation of this popular play - resonating ideas about gender, power and our taste for violence. Blood will have Blood

Set in a not-too-distant future during a savage tribal war, a cult-like militia fights in the ruins of a modern city for its ideals and very existence. Consumed by a deadly prophecy, a heroic female warrior and her ambitious partner betray the very order they have fought for. Descending into tyranny, chaos and madness, they risk taking their whole community and comrades with them.

Approximate running time 100 minutes. No Interval


SSTC L6 present

Girls Like That

Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 March
Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Drama Studio    7.30pm
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When our sense of reality is constructed by Smartphones, no one is safe; and when your profile picture gets 100 likes, are they really your friends? When Scarlet's naked photo goes viral around school, the ferocity of smartphones and tweets are unleashed, and her reputation is torn to shreds. The enemy however is not the boys; this is girls against girls.

A twisted fusion of Mean Girls and Black Mirror: Evan Placey's explosive dark comedy explores the perils of growing up in our new digital generation. Girls Like That not only highlights the damaging standards placed on women by society, but more shockingly by women themselves.

With a soundtrack of Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Pink and Taylor Swift, a group of Lower Sixth students take us from the nursery playground, to the secondary school corridors; back in time to the roaring 1920s, World War II, the 60s and 80s, in order to determine: when did girls last have each others' back?


Theatre Ad Infinitum present

Translunar Paradise

Wednesday 2 May
Sackville Theatre   4.30pm & 7.30pm
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Theatre Ad Infinitum's wordless tale of life, death and enduring love returns to tour the UK and Chile following years of extensive international touring amassing nine awards.Original performers George Mann and Deborah Pugh are joined by Sophie Crawford to retell, with precise gesture and touches of humour, the story of widower William who escapes to a comforting world of fantasy and memories rather than confront his grief. From beyond the grave, his wife Rose returns to help him let go.

This poignant, life-affirming tale uses intricate and lifelike hand-held masks - created by Madame Tussaud's senior sculptor Victoria Beaton - to travel back and forth through William and Rose's relationship, wordlessly conveying a lifetime of memories in 75 minutes.


SSTC Year 9 present

House of Blood

Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 May
Sackville Theatre   7.00pm
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A curse haunts the House of Atreus, passed down the generations and written in blood. Can the cycle of murder and revenge never be broken? Inspired by Aeschylus’s Oresteia, Year 9 students tell the story of a dark and disturbing Greek myth.


Clueless Theatre present


by Jim Cartwright

Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 May
Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Drama Studio   8.00pm
Tickets £10 (£8 concession)   Book Now

Fourteen characters, two actors and one night in a hectic bar in Northern England. This is the recipe for Jim Cartwright's Two, blended with a whirlwind of emotion, questionable customer service and unspoken truths. From the landlord and landlady who despise the sight and sound of one another to a shaken (not stirred) cocktail of customers, Two explores the different types of relationships in society today.

'Jim Cartwright's 1989 play is a distillation (no pun intended) of what we've all experienced whilst nursing a drink in the local - rows, adolescent showing off, pathetic pick-up lines and overheard snippets of bizarre conversations' - J. D. Atkinson. Running time is 80 minutes without an interval.


SSTC Lower School Play present

Coram Boy

Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23 June
Sackville Theatre   7.00pm
Tickets £7   Book Now

Coram Boy adapted by Helen Edmundson from the children's novel by Jamila Gavin.

Set in Georgian England, where Thomas Coram has recently opened a foundling hospital in London for deserted children. Handel offers to stage a benefit concert to help provide a home for the alarming number of vulnerable, abandoned, children. But unscrupulous Coram men have taken advantage of the situation by promising desperate mothers to take their unwanted children to the hospital for a fee. Set amidst this tragic episode of British social history, and to the backdrop of Handel’s Messiah, Coram Boy follows the tale of two cities - Gloucester and London - and of two boys: Toby, saved from an African slave ship, and Aaron, illegitimate heir to a great estate.

Staged by a large Lower School ensemble, the Sevenoaks School Theatre Company’s production of this dark but uplifting story is not to be missed.

A beautiful story of lost children, abandoned hopes, broken hearts and reunions - The Guardian

Coram Boy won the Whitbread Children's Book Award in 2000.